Take Mollie Ivins, remove the breasts, and add science fiction. What do you get? Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Author of "Cyclops in B Minor" and other great tales. One of the intelligent new visionaries in the field.

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Writing Resources

The first must always be Dictionary.com

Babynamer.com, a site I used to use as a gimmick to name characters, is no longer so handy. It's shifted its emphasis to search for names of pop icons. Yawn. The old dbase is still there. If you can figure out how to get it, let me know. 




I have several blogs. There's my writer's blog, my rants blog, and my Dad blog.

Sans Souci Studios

Sans Souci Studios, makers of full-face, high quality masks by Vermont artist Carrie Rouillard.

I don't claim to be an expert on the Inuit, but I did search for resources for a story, and I have the good ones listed here.



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