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Spider's Dreams

Lou recounts in horror and wonder as the apocalyptic dreams of his childhood friend and soulmate come true. "Once the ending got started, it went fast, like a rose in the hot sun."

"This is only a small step along the way, just a small thing. The rose is still unfolding, a thousand petals and every one scribed with tragedy, with enough grief to end the world."

Online at Global Comix and at Webtoons.

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A graphic novel: Arthurian romance set a few years into the alien occupation. Online at Global Comix and at Webtoons.

The first two episodes, Vol 1, and Vol 2: Pa Gur, are also on this site in their original format, but the rest are only on Global Comix and Webtoons.

All is Beautiful

All is Beautiful

A graphic novel dream of oppression and salvation. And sharks. Limnandi Ivangeli.

Something I should have been afraid of

Another Lovecraft-inspired tale of dark magic and custody battles. Takes place a few years before the events of I think the world is ending, and might ultimately lead to them. "The problem with being young and fearless is surviving the moment when you discover there was something you should have been afraid of, after all."

Audio edition.

I went camping with a bog monster

Properly this story should be told around a campfire with toasted marshmallows.

I made a computer program to predict the apocalypse; It's not what you think.

Do you ever dream about the end of the world? Maybe if we collected all those dreams, maybe they would tell us something. Maybe we would be very surprised.

An audio version is on Youtube.

I bought a strange guitar; I think the world is ending

H.P. Lovecraft meets gothic rock in this dark creepy pasta.

An audio edition, with original musical soundtrack, is available from Dark Somnnium.

That Is Not the Fire Alarm

A very short tongue-in-cheek creepy pasta. The sole surviving member of the graduating class of Oak and Ash Academy gives some important advice for new students. "Some people think these rules are silly. I am graduating. They are not."

An 8-minute audio version is available on Youtube.

One Night in the Lounge of Supreme Evil

A brief fanfic: Sauron and Lucifer Morningstar cruise in search of supremely evil chicks. With walk-ons from Tash, the Warlock Lord, Voldemort, Morgoth, Kali, Ungoliant, Cthulhu, and more.

Revenge of the Lounge of Supreme Evil

Sauron and Lucifer Morningstar meet their match in Patrick Rothfuss's Cthea.

Servant & the Soothsayer Cover

The Servant and the Soothsayer


A back-talking servant, a murder, a corporation, and a psychic investigator with a bad temper.

Illustration by Erin Merlino

The Greening of Blue England

online at

It will be a green tide, sweeping across the nation. And all it takes is just a little plastique.

Illustration by Erin Merlino, used by permission.

Cover Art by Eugene Fairfield

3 Dooms of America


An audiobook anthology including Shock and Awe, The Greening of Blue England, and Spider's Dreams, as read by the author.

Illustration by Jaxon Renick

Nocturne's Bride

in L. Ron Hubbard Presents: Writers of the Future, Vol XIV, Oct 1998

Writers of the Future Contest: "Story of the Year," Grand Prize, 1997 Best of the Soft Science Fiction Contest: 2nd Place, 1998

Which would you choose if you had cover of darkness: life or love?

Now online at

Illustration by Jaxon Renick, used by permisson

Shock and Awe chapbook cover

Shock and Awe


Ordinary things in an ordinary country. But "at the end of this story, a baby will be born, and touch off an insurrection."




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The Inka Argus

Read a preview at Amazon

Walk into the dark and dirty underside of the Old City, a place where the poor often go hungry, and sometimes go missing.

You’d never know her if you passed her on the street. Just another homeless kid begging spare change. But Inka Pasternak is reporter, editor, and publisher of the Avenue Argus, the Old City’s only newspaper for the homeless. She’s the only one to care—or notice—when the Clarinet Man goes missing, and the only one with the connections, determination, and courage to get to the dark secret at the bottom.

A steam-punk adventure and mystery.

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The Flying Ems

Read a preview at Amazon.

When life at home gets too boring, 11 year-old identical triplets Emma, Emily, and Emiliana run away to the circus. All is not fun and balloons at Sir Surly's Surprising, Sirkus, however. The clown wants to get rid of them, the knife-thrower wants to throw knives at them, the ringmaster wants to shoot them out of a cannon, and a rival circus wants to steal them away. But the Ems are an irresistible force, and neither the laws of physics, nor philosophy, nor Child Protective Services are going to stop them from getting where they want to go. If only they knew where that is...

HIHV Cover Image

The Heron in His Vigilance book 1 in the Fellowship of the Unloved

A narcissitic bishop, a suicidal warrior-nun, an alienated shaman, and one meek tribesman who must bring them all together to save the world.

Spider's Dreams

in Xizquil, #15,

It is not true to say there is no time, nor passage of time. There is just the dream time, not a line, but a vast land of exploration. Spider's dreams did not come true. They have always been true.

Swiftly Flowing Waters

in Tales of the Unanticipated, #20

A young boy is caught between his abusive master, an ambitious lordling, a crisis of magic, and a mysterious stranger.

Laufte & the Ice Clown

in Tales of the Unanticipated, #17, With Carrie E. Rouillard

In the high arctic, a haunted young girl prepares to take the hand of the thing she fears most.

Cruel Stories

in Tales of the Unanticipated, #9

What Really Happened to the Beauty

in Xizquil, #9

Madness Unmasked

in Speculations #35

How to make your characters crazy--an author's guide to mental illness and the modern mental health system


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