Speculative Fiction: if the world were different in this one small way, what would happen?

Peredur is online at Webtoon.com. The complete Arthurian epic, from beginning to end, with alien pineapples and a Cat Palug.

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My steam-punk mystery, The Inka Argus, is on sale at Amazon! For older children and teens. You can preview the first few chapters free.

Check out my circus extravaganza, The Flying Ems, for older children and young adults, as well as my epic fantasy novel, The Heron in His Vigilance, book 1 in The Fellowship of the Unloved.

For more about the world of The Heron In His Vigilance, visit

The Fellowship of the Unloved website

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  • Heraldic Terms Explained
  • A map of lowland country
  • Special Features
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