Fellowship of the Unloved

Coming in July, 2013. The first volume of The Fellowship of the Unloved -- The Heron In His Vigilance.

Nobody believes that Rabbit Epijanio is anything more than an old fool with bad dreams. But when a curious peddler kills the clan's sacred Gathering Tree, he is forced out into lowland country to find out why.

He is not the only one wronged, however, as he is joined on his quest by a narcissistic bishop, a suicidal warrior nun, and an alienated shaman. Everywhere Rabbit turns, he sees signs that his bad dreams might actually be inescapable prophecies, and the evil he is pursuing might be much bigger than one little clan of forest people.

Set at the collision of tribal ways and nation-states, The Fellowship of the Unloved is a high fantasy for an American past.

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Heron in his Vigilance Jacket